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Which program would you prefer to use for fighting spam? An advanced program where you participate and see all messages, or a simpler program that removes 100% spam automatically?
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Shareware and Freeware downloads and tested, rated and reviewed software submitted by software author.
Free Software and Game Downloads - Directory of shareware, freeware and demo programs. Pad file enabled for developers.
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EasyFax 8.0 is here with new XP look, better image sending and simpler cover sheets manager
Delayed EasyFax 8 will be released early next week with new look and other enhancements
No More Spam 3.0 has been released. Now includes support for Clam AntiVirus for Windows, statistics and easier filtering.
Major EasyFax update in the works - new XP look and improved import
No More Spam version 2.5 is released - many changes and enhancements
No More Spam updated with Outlook fix
CommSoft has now released No More Spam - the 100% effective spam fighting tool. So easy to setup and use that you can install it and forget it.
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CommSoft will shortly release No More Spam - the 100% effective spam fighting tool. So easy to setup and use that you can install it and forget it.
WebSite Manager makes it quick and easy to update your own web site without programming - everything is included for $20/month.
A hidden problem that made it impossible to download some of our programs has been fixed
WebCommerce Basic gets support for secure payments with PayPal
Buy EasyFax online and pay with PayPal
WebCommerce Basic gets upgraded with selectable product properties, top list, stock status and a new front page.
CommSoft releases three plugins for Total Commander (ex Windows Commander)
Now you can see and change administrators in WebCommerce Basic
WebSite Manager - web publishing for everyone soon to be released by CommSoft
Finally WebCommerce Basic is available in english - try it for two weeks for free!
EasyFax 4.5 released as demo and patch for the licensed version
WebCommerce Basic - a new e-commerce system is on its way. All companies will be able to afford an e-commerce solution!
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No More Spam 3.0
A new version is here - AntiVirus and statisstics
WebCommerce Basic
E-commerce for everyone at €30/month without requirements or binding contracts.
EasyFax 8 is finally here
A new version is available for download and purchase.
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Funny screen saver
Download IdleActive to keep your computer active!
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