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WebCommerce Basic - a new e-commerce system is on its way. All companies will be able to afford an e-commerce solution!
WebCommerce Basic makes e-commerce simple and generally available - everything is included at a set monthly fee of $150 with no obligations or long contracts. You can try out the system for two weeks for free.
CommSoft WebCommerce Basic is a package for those who want to start a web shop - quick and simple and without large investments or lots of work. Web Commerce Basic includes a professional shop and layouts where you can add and change texts, colors, terms, shipping charges, news, customers, products and orders.

Your time and investments in WebCommerce Basic is never wasted - you can go on to WebCommerce Professional which enables you to go ahead with integrating your business systems, database customisations and changing layouts.

A Swedish version of the system will be available for demo and order at 04-17-2003, and an English version will follow shortly thereafter. So keep your eyes peeled!
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