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No More Spam
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No More Spam v3.0 - Functions
The 100% effective spam fighter for everyone
No More Spam fulfills all spam fighting needs of an individual user. It's so simple to setup and use, that you can effectively set it and forget it - but it still has advanced features if you need them.

Product Benefits:
  • 100% efficiency: Messages from senders that you haven't had any contact with goes into a quarantine, and an authentication message is sent to the originator. When s/he replies to this, the original message is delivered to you without the need for a resend. Alternatively, the message informs them that their email was blocked, without the possibility to authenticate.

  • Easy to install: It imports your account settings from your email client (Outlook, Outlook Express, IncrediMail and Eudora). Imports the list of approved senders from your Windows Address Book.

  • Customizable authentication messages: Each account can have its own message, and you can edit them to suit your needs.

  • Filters: You can use filtering techniques to reduce the amount of messages that end up in your quarantine by deleting outright spam right away. Or define rules for messages that should bypass the quarantine altogether.

  • Anti-virus: No More Spam can interface with ClamAV for Windows to protect you from viruses and worms in your e-mail.

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