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WebSite Manager - Functions
Create a web site real quick and easy, and without programming
WebSite Manager lets you easily and quickly update your own web site without programming - everything is included for €20/month! Can be combined with our e-commer system WebCommerce Basic.
This is included
  • Web site on Internet.
  • Web based administration tool.

Basic functions - web site
  • Intro page
  • News
  • Web polls
  • News list with subscription
  • Product selection with categories and bargains box
  • Partners
  • References
  • Contact page with email form

Basic functions - administration
You update everything concerning your site with our WebSite Manger. The following parts are included:
  • Settings - Here you can change company information, colors etc. You can also choose between two templates for presenting your product selection.
  • News - Present what's happening on your site and in your company with text and images. You can also delete news.
  • Web poll - Let your visitors vote, in topics of current interest or your company. You can have several polls active at any time, and delete old polls.
  • Products - Add your products easily. Create categories and sub categories. Select products to highlight. Create links between products with unlimited See also's. Change tiered prices with multiple prices per product. Enter measurements for your products. Old products can easily be deleted.
  • Web pages - Here you can edit text and images for your site - without programming and without sending files.
  • News list - You can see all recipients that have subscribed to your news list, and all news letters you've sent. You can send news letters to individual or all recipients.

Branch specific extra modules
We can jointly develop additional modules for your web site. We are currently offering a custom module for the the following branches:
  • Real estate - houses, cabins, flats m.m.
  • Showing flats available for renting

System requirements for administration
The administration system requires Internet Explorer.
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