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09-05-2005 EasyFax 8.0 is here with new XP look, better image sending and simpler cover sheets manager
09-02-2005 Delayed EasyFax 8 will be released early next week with new look and other enhancements
08-19-2005 No More Spam 3.0 has been released. Now includes support for Clam AntiVirus for Windows, statistics and easier filtering.
05-13-2005 Major EasyFax update in the works - new XP look and improved import
03-11-2005 No More Spam version 2.5 is released - many changes and enhancements
11-08-2004 No More Spam updated with Outlook fix
10-29-2004 CommSoft has now released No More Spam - the 100% effective spam fighting tool. So easy to setup and use that you can install it and forget it.
10-28-2004 Please resubscribe to our news list - we've lost most of the addresses
10-18-2004 CommSoft will shortly release No More Spam - the 100% effective spam fighting tool. So easy to setup and use that you can install it and forget it.
08-30-2004 WebSite Manager makes it quick and easy to update your own web site without programming - everything is included for $20/month.
01-08-2004 A hidden problem that made it impossible to download some of our programs has been fixed
12-12-2003 WebCommerce Basic gets support for secure payments with PayPal
11-20-2003 Buy EasyFax online and pay with PayPal
11-06-2003 WebCommerce Basic gets upgraded with selectable product properties, top list, stock status and a new front page.
10-22-2003 CommSoft releases three plugins for Total Commander (ex Windows Commander)
10-13-2003 Now you can see and change administrators in WebCommerce Basic
09-30-2003 WebSite Manager - web publishing for everyone soon to be released by CommSoft
08-15-2003 Finally WebCommerce Basic is available in english - try it for two weeks for free!
06-24-2003 EasyFax 4.5 released as demo and patch for the licensed version
04-09-2003 WebCommerce Basic - a new e-commerce system is on its way. All companies will be able to afford an e-commerce solution!
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